Extruded Mullion and transom profiles for secondary facade – MusterBox
Project:City Point
Location:Kassel (D)
Profile:Special Hollow Profile 90×35 mm
Execution:Hot Extruded and
Cold Drawn
Steel grade:S 235 JRG2
Architects:Jourdan & Müller PAS
Facade Consultants:Lange
Facade Construction:Anders

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    About the profile

    This hot-extruded profile was used to create the façade of Kassel’s City Point, an impressive, modern commercial building located in the heart of the city, designed by architecture firm Jourdan & Müller PAS.
    Constructed by Anders, the building’s facade is a combination of glass and carbon steel that creates a contemporary and elegant appearance and features a large glazed entrance that allows natural light to flood the interior and gives the building an open and inviting atmosphere.
    The metal framing of the facade creates a unique and intricate pattern that is visually striking, and the use of reflective materials also adds depth and dimension to the facade, allowing it to change with the light throughout the day.
    The section supplied is a special hollow profiles manufactured by hot extrusion technology, made of S235JR carbon steel, it was made hollow to lighten the weight of both the profile and the structure itself without interfering with structural values. This geometry also has two flanges that protrude 17 mm from the core, creating a space that is often used for ambient LEDs or as in this case for glazing fasteners.
    After initial hot forming, the profile was successively cold drawn to improve its surface finish appearance and achieve the tolerances required by the customer.
    City Point’s facade is an excellent example of modern architectural design, that combe form and function in a visually striking way.