Extruded Mullion and transom profiles for secondary facade – MusterBox
Project:Deutsche Post Tower
Location:Bonn (Germany)
Profile:Special Profile 65x51x6 mm
ExecutionHot Extruded
Steel grade:Stainless Steel 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Architect:Helmut Jahn
Facade Consultants:DS-Plan
Facade Construction:Joseph Gartner
Note:1 out of 14 different profiles

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    About the profile

    A special shaped hot extruded  profile is the basis of the structure of the facade of the Post Tower in Bonn, Germany.
    This building is an iconic 162-meter-high skyscraper. In reality it is two buildings each with a shape of a half ellipse, slightly offset to one another with a separation of about 7.5m between them. The two parts are connected together by glass bridges. There is a double skin façade composed of extruded stainless steel profiles and glass that reflects the surrounding landscape and changes colour depending on the sunlight reflecting against it. The most striking feature of this facade is the ability to generate naturally a stable climate inside the building granting significant savings with regards to lightening and HVAC.

    The glazing panels are designed to be self-cleaning, thus minimizing the need for maintenance. This complicated interplay of inclinations is supported by a structure of monolithic profiles made of 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti) stainless steel. The choice for stainless steel supports the low maintenance properties of the façade. The sections are produced through a hot extrusion process first and second, through a cold-drawing process that improves its mechanical properties and gives an appealing surface finish. This allows for a compact shape with high structural properties as demanded in certain areas of the building where wide spans and large glazing panels characterise the sky-scraper’s design. The shape of the supplied section does also show functional details for installation ease: at the extremities of the flanges, noses impede the gaskets to fall off prior to glazing panels insertion.

    Overall, the Post Tower facade is a testament to modern architecture and innovative design. It has become a landmark of Bonn and a symbol of the city’s progressive spirit.