Extruded Mullion and transom profiles for secondary facade – MusterBox
Project:RWE Headquarters
Location:Essen (Germany)
Profile:Special Hollow Profile
110 x 80 mm
Execution:Hot Extruded
Steel grade:S 235 JR
Architect:Ingenhoven, Overdiek & Partner
Facade Consultants:n/a
Facade Construction:Joseph Gartner

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    About the profile

    This special hot-extruded hollow profile was designed for the façade of the Westenergie Tower, with its 127 meters the tallest building in the Ruhr region. It has been completed in 1996, to house the headquarters of RWE, a well-known energy company, after which it was named until 2016.
    The building, designed by Düsseldorf-based architecture firm Ingenhoven Overdiek Kahlen & Partner, has a ground plan corresponding to a polygon with 51 angles and 32 meters in diameter. It consists of a total of 30 floors, including 3 underground. One of the most interesting features of this skyscraper’s façade is its energy efficiency; the building’s architects incorporated a number of sustainable features into the design, including a double-skin glass façade for natural office ventilation, photovoltaic cells that generate electricity from sunlight, and a rainwater harvesting system that reduces water consumption; in fact, it is considered Germany’s first green building.
    The profiles we supplied for the realization of this façade were fabricated from S235JR steel. They were first hot extruded with special attention to the hollow part. Target was to achieve the thickness of 6 mm in the entire perimeter of the profile, except for the upper part where the thickness had to be 15 mm for structural purposes. In a second phase the profiles were cold drawn to improve the appearance of the surface finish and achieve the tight tolerances required by the client.
    The facade of this building represents innovation and sustainability, a truly impressive structure that stands out as a symbol of progress and modernity in the heart of Essen.