Laser-welded rectangular and square hollow sections made of steel or stainless steel have perfect sharp outer radii, regardless of their material thickness.
The static optimisation of the material thicknesses follows the same principles as for steel beams and is usually carried out at the two short flanges so that higher loads can be absorbed. For example, in the field of façade construction this static optimisation makes it possible to design posts with very compact profile dimensions and at the same time high spans.
Montanstahl offers the highest degree of flexibility with its product range of laser-welded special box sections. You can design your mullion according to your project-specific static requirements and have it manufactured by us. You are free to design the optimum mass distribution, taking into account the maximum weight saving.
We manufacture special hollow sections from laser-welded metal strips. The only limit is the availability of the required raw material thicknesses.
Please submit your ideal dimensions using the following form. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer.

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