Rectangular hollow sections are a very popular design on façades. So far conventionally MAG welded rectangular tubes in steel had the inconvenience of rounded corners (2 x material thickness). Thanks to constant R&D today we are able to offer a new range of standardized sharp corner MAG welded steel tubes with improved quality and short delivery times.
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Standard Kastenprofile

Steel grade: S235JR

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Profileh (mm)b (mm)t (mm)Lenght (m)Kg/m
SR 60x30x3306038.003.96
SR 60x40x3406038.004.43
SR 60x50x3506038.004.90
SR 60x60x3606038.005.37
SR 60x80x3806038.006.31
SR 60x100x31006038.007.25
SR 60x120x31206038.008.20
SR 60x150x31506038.009.61
SR 60x160x31606038.0010.08
SR 60x180x31806038.0011.02
SR 60x200x32006038.0011.96
SR 60x60x6606068.0010.17
SR 60x80x68060610.0012.06
SR 60x100x610060610.0013.94
SR 60x120x612060610.0015.83
SR 60x150x615060610.0018.65
SR 60x160x616060610.0019.59
SR 60x180x618060610.0021.48
SR 60x200x620060610.0023.36