Leser Welded SP 139.4×77.8 – MusterBox
Execution:Laser Welded
Sample steel
grade & finish:
Stainless Steel
1.4301 / AISI 304L
grit shot blasted
Weld penetration:Min 5mm
Weld seam radius:≤ 2mm
External radii:≤ 0.5mm

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    About the profile

    Y-Profiles with sharp corners are the solution for the internal corners of a façade. These mullions in steel or stainless steel are extremely slim and very elegant. They can be produced in length up to 12m (40”) for several floors tall façades. The angularity of the two legs, which accommodate the glazing panels, is shaped according to the façade’s design. Similar to sharp corner Y-Profiles Montanstahl produces so called Arrow-Profiles. These are the ideal solution for the external corners of a façade. These type of corner mullions go in pairs with sharp corner T-sections for the straight parts of the façade. They are complementary, but solve a lot of headache at the corners. Y-Profiles and Arrow Profiles are workable in stainless steel and in mild steel as well. The common surface execution we supply is grit shot blasted, which gives a nice, smooth and homogeneous look of the mullion. This execution is suitable both for painting, coating and hot dip galvanizing. A very similar Y-section in mild steel is installed as corner mullion in the Courthouse of Stockton, CA, US. There are three bars with 6.5m length each and an angle of 90 degrees. Material thickness all 8 mm with full laser welding penetration. A must for Californian applications due to improved structural demands because of earthquake risk. Other projects that include Montanstahl similar slim corner mullions are: the Gare de St. Denis in Paris, France, the PTS Station F at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany, the Brill Place Tower, London, UK.