Leser Welded SP 140x50 – MusterBox
Execution:Laser Welded
Sample steel
grade & finish:
Stainless Steel
1.4301 / AISI 304L
grit shot blasted
Weld penetration:Min 5mm
Weld seam radius:≤ 2mm
External radii:≤ 0.5mm

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    About the profile

    Sharp corner rectangular hollow sections with one off-set web find various usages. The off-set web may be there for pure design and aesthetic purpose, it may be used to allocate the glazing support system in order to have a really tight connection between the steel element and the glass panels, or it may be used as functional cavity to contain electric cables, pipes, a façade heating system or an LED lightning system. No matter which purpose the off-set has, Montanstahl can produce a sharp corner rectangular hollow section structurally optimized both in steel or stainless steel. Sharp corner hollow section in steel or stainless have important static properties and allow for higher façades and wider spacing between mullions. Thus, significant more natural light can get inside.

    A similar section to the present one has been installed in a prestigious project in London: the canopy at Paddington of the Elisabeth Line. The chosen material was 1.4404 / AISI 316L. The bars supplied in custom length and without surface treatment. Only a pickling was requested, as our customer was supposed to have the bars mirror polish locally. For this application the off-set web had a purely aesthetic reason. Various different types of clouds are printed onto the glazing roof as piece of art. The changing light conditions, change the cloud’s aspect, all enhanced by the reflection of the mirror polished stainless sections. Other project where sharp corner rectangular hollow sections with off-set web have been installed are: the extension of terminal 2B at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Pairs, France, or the Bildungscampus 3 in Heilbronn, Germany.