Leser Welded Tee – MusterBox
Execution:Laser Welded
Sample steel grade & finish:Stainless Steel 1.4301 / AISI 304L grit shot blasted
Weld penetration:Min 5mm
Weld seam radius:≤ 2mm
External radii:≤ 0.5mm

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    About the profile

    Polygonal hollow sections with sharp corners are really challenging and the ultimate solution for adapting to corner mullions for façades. They are shaped to the angle of the building without need of any additional adapting measure and can accommodate the glazing support on the two sides of the corner. Besides of being an easy to install solution for corner of façades, they are also the ideal solution for the gable of glazing roofs or canopies.

    A very similar section made in mild steel has been used within the façade of the Campus and Headquarters of the tyre manufacturer Continental AG in Hannover, Germany. Besides these special pentagonal sharp corner hollow sections, also rectangular and diamond-shaped hollow sections are installed in the façade. Montanstahl is capable to produce all different kind of polygonal hollow sections, with custom angularities for best fit to the design of the façade. Subject to the specifications, these sections are made available both in various stainless-steel grades, as well as in mild steel. The standard surface finish is grit shot blasted as per the sample in your hands, but on request a more precious finish like polished surface can be applied to executions in stainless steel. Projects with similar façade solutions are: Cube in Berlin, Germany, The St. Thomas Morus Church in Munich (end construction 2024), Germany, the HQ of the Compressor manufacturer Bitzer in Sindelfingen, Germany, the heritage building at 155 Bishopsgate in London, UK.