Leser Welded Tee – MusterBox
Execution:Laser Welded
Sample steel
grade & finish:
Stainless Steel
1.4301 / AISI 304L
grit shot blasted
Weld penetration:Min 5mm
Weld seam radius:≤ 2mm
External radii:≤ 0.5mm

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    About the profile

    T-section are the most common slim and elegant sections used as mullions and transoms in steel-glazing façades.
    Highlight of the Montanstahl’s Sharp Corner T-Section are:

    • The barely noticeable weld beads thanks to the laser beam welding that uses no additional filler metal
    • Sharp external corners for a perfect separation between light and shadow
    • Tight tolerances

    Laser welded T-sections are custom made products as the thickness and depth of the section is defined by the project’s static calculations. This allows for weight savings, thus cost savings. It is possible to produce these sections both in various stainless-steel grades, as well as in mild steel.

    This type of section has been used in the façade of the Will Rogers World Airport (WRWA) in Oklahoma City, US. The elegant solution with T-sections is additionally improved by the use of stainless steel with a polished surface. The polished surface reflects the light and generates an overall very high end look and feel. It is the outmost façade execution with regards to material value and surface finish. In our reference list you will find quite some projects realised with this sort of mullions and transoms. Here a short list, just to name a few: the Nouvelle Commedie in Ginevra, Switzerland, the Hahn & Kolb headquaters in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the EPFL Rolex Learning Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.