In addition to our architectural profiles, we offer a wide range of standardized commercial profiles made of stainless steel as well as hot and cold manufactured special profiles. Are you interested in a specific profile made of steel or stainless steel? Please get in contact with us or click on the pictures and you will be redirected to the homepage of our mother company in Switzerland where you will find further useful information.

Equal Leg Angles
Unequal Leg Angles
Miscellaneous Parallel Flange Channels – UPA
Parallel Flanges Channels – UPE
European Standard Channels – UPN
Parallel Flange Channels – PFC
European I Beams – IPE
European Standard Beams – IPN
Wide Flange Beams – HEA HEB HEM
Equal T Bars
Unequal T Bars – TB
Equal Leg Angles – Cold Drawn
Drawn flat iron according to EN 10278
Flats – Cold Drawn
Semicircular profiles
Half Rounds – Cold Finished
Wedge steels according to DIN 6880
Key Steel – Cold Drawn
Z profiles according to DIN 1027
Stainless steel Z- Profiles
Composite Profiles
Hot Rolled Profiles
Cold Drawn Profiles
Cold Rolled Profiles

At our headquarter in Switzerland we have different production technologies with which we produce all kind of other steel profiles. The choice of the production method for a profile depends on its overall size, its complexity, its surface finish, its tolerance and the required lot size. If you want to learn more please click on the different technology listed below.

Laser Welding


Hot Rolling

Cold Rolling

Cold Drawing